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This page is considered an official policy on the Trapped in the Closet Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

Trapped in the Closet's User page policy is meant to encourage users to work more on articles, and not spend all of their time on customizing their userpages. As the policy page What Trapped in the Closet is not states:

  • Trapped in the Closet is not a free host or webpage provider.
  • Trapped in the Closet is not the place for fanfiction.
  • Your user page is not your primary contribution to this wiki.

However, user pages do serve a useful purpose, and regular users are encouraged to create a userpage which gives some information about themselves, and helps organize their contributions to Trapped in the Closet.

Trapped in the Closet members who work exclusively on user page content unrelated to Trapped in the Closet or the Wiki should, likewise, find somewhere else to host their webpages.

Thus, we discourage users from working primarily on user pages. All users and their user pages must comply with the following rules.

Rules for user page useEdit

User pages in violation of the following policies will be edited or deleted in order to comply with these policies. Users repeatedly in violation of these rules may be blocked according to Trapped in the Closet:Blocking policy's rules for registered users who post fanon.

  • User page fan fiction must be restricted to either the main user page or a single subpage. This does not mean a user can put fanon on both a user page and a subpage, or on a series of subpages. Users who want to make more than one fan fiction page are encouraged to use their own website instead.
  • User pages must comply with Trapped in the Closet:User image policy.
  • User pages and images within must be "safe for work": no content which is unsuitable for a family audience or would be likely to disturb or offend other users. Any illegal or inappropriate content or links to such material is forbidden.
  • User subpages not containing fan fiction may be kept, subject to the user image policy and some usefulness to the project (like a personal sandbox, a to do list, a contributions page, or a toolbox linking to maintenance tasks and useful templates.)
  • User subpages unrelated to Trapped in the Closet or the Wiki are not allowed.
    • This specifically includes weblogs, guestbooks, and social networking more suited to sites such as MySpace or Facebook. Guestbooks should be put at Wikia Guestbook.
    • Likewise, a guestbook section or a weblog should not be put on a user's main page.
  • User pages must not be put in categories which would cause them to be mistaken for "real" articles. Likewise, {{Title}} must not be used to make the userpage appear to be a "real" article.
  • Secondary accounts set up primarily in order to have a second user page are disallowed, according to the Sock puppetry policy page.
    • If a user wishes to change his or her name, their old pages must be either moved to subpages of the new user name's page, or deleted. The original user page may be kept, if content is restricted to a note redirecting the reader to the new user name.
  • Users violating the policy on user page fan fiction will be reminded of the relevant sections of What Trapped in the Closet is not. It is very important that such users be warned and redirected in a polite manner: after all, this is their space which is being criticized.

Excessive user page editsEdit

Remember, Your user page is not your primary contribution to this wiki. Users who edit their user pages excessively will be subject to sanction.

  • Excessive user page editing, in this case, is defined as over 250 user page edits to less than 100 useful main space/template/category edits. (To check your edit count, enter your user name at Special:Editcount.)

In cases of excessive user page edits, admins will protect offending pages after a warning. These pages may be unprotected after the user has begun making useful edits to mainspace articles.

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