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Myrna is the wife of Odale, mother of Sylvester, mother-in-law of Gwendolyn, and friend of Rose.

Trapped in the ClosetEdit

Chapter 22Edit

"The Package Myrna! I can't believe he got The Package Myrna!"
"Rosie, are you sure about this?"
"Tell me, who told you this?"
"I told her ass!
―Rose, Myrna and Randolph[src]

In Chapter 22, Myrna's answering machine has a message left on it from her friend, Rose, who wants to tell her about Pastor Rufus and "The Package". Later, Rose is shown talking to Myrna over the phone. Myrna is left in disbelief from what she is told about the Pastor.[1]


  1. Trapped in the Closet: Chapter 22


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